EasyMix EM12

Remotely control your DSP

Motorized Faders


EasyMix EM12 provides remote control of DSP's. Motorized faders and LED back-lit tactile buttons give users easy access to volume, EQ, and many other possible system functions via Ethernet connection.



Completely Customizable


Every button, fader, and LED can link to any control or meter. There are two banks of six motorized faders allowing control of up to twelve volume controls at the push of a single button. The faders can also be used as high and low frequency EQ controls. There are two customizable back-lit buttons above each fader and eight back-lit user defined system buttons to control system switches or trigger presets. The power switch can also trigger an external power sequencer with status LED for user sound system power control.





All engraved text and icons on the aluminum faceplate are customized for your specific application. A customized laminated overlay is also available.



Easy Deployment


The EasyMix EM12 plugin is included with your copy of

Q-SYS Designer.


Recent projects using the EasyMix EM12

Zion Congregation - Inman, KS

Canyon Congregation - Hazelton, Idaho

California State Senate - Sacramento, California

Moorhead Football Stadium - Conroe, Texas

EasyMix EM12



Works with Q-SYS



Custom Colors and Engraving

Wood Enclosure

Folding Pew Back Wood Enclosure


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